CJDS & Autobell are at it again!

It's time to sell those coupons to help the school!

What’s this all about??

CJDS works together with Autobell every year to sell the Autobell Car Wash coupons throughout our community. This is an excellent way to raise money for our school with the help of friends and neighbors who already use Autobell! Your friends, family & co-workers get a car wash and we get 50% of the proceeds for the school!

And now ... a BONUS!

If your family sells 10 coupons -- they earn a crocs wristband and a jibbitz charm!! For each additional 5 they sell, they will earn another jibbitz! It’s going to be great fun to watch your kids’ bracelets get bigger and bigger as they fundraise!

Need more info?

Here's who to call!

Need more coupons?

Barbara Foxx



Need more info about sales?

Laurie Berzack

lfberzack@gmail.com 704-957-4704

Need more info about prizes?

Chantal Rubin