Infrared Waves

Electromagnetic wave

Earth's Infrared Radiation

Earth gives off infrared heat into outer space everyday and scientists are looking to change the radiation to usable energy. They are still unable to get the energy from the infrared waves however engineers are still working on it. It would save a lot and help the earth overall.

Everyday Application

Three everyday apllications are:

  • Television Remote
  • Infrared Heat Lamp
  • Night Vision Googles

Health Impact


  • It helps improve body defense that stop the increase of cancer cells.
  • Penetrate layers of the human physical body
  • Positively affects circulation system and metabolism


  • Damages eyes
  • Damages body tissues
  • Causes sunburn
Infrared Waves

Description of Infrared Waves

We experience this type of wave in the form of heat. Shorter, near infrared waves are not hot at all you cannot even feel them. For example a remote control uses infrared waves to change the channel on your television.