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Week of February 1, 2016

Highlights of Our Learning


  • Our Journeys Main Selection this week was Helen Keller. We enjoyed reading this informational text. We learned a lot about Helen Keller as well as Braille.
  • We watched a Discovery Education Animated Video on the life of Helen Keller.
  • The comprehension strategy we focused on learning was Main Idea and Details. we also discussed how to summarize story events.
  • To reinforce our comprehension skill of finding the main idea and supporting details, we played a "Mystery Main Idea" game. Each partner group received a brown bag with 3 items enclosed. The children had to use the clues (details) to determine the Main Idea. Then, note another item that would support the main idea. Each partner group shared their Main Ideas and Details with the class. Check out the photos below!
  • During Daily 5, we worked on our Personal Journals. We added our "roles" onto a cut our person and listed the "roles" we hold; for example, sister, brother, dancer, soccer player, etc.
  • As part of Daily 5 Work on Writing station, we wrote in our Personal Journals about the pictures and decorations we used to cover our journals.


  • We are continuing to write our Informational Chapter Books. We worked on writing interesting Introductions and strong Conclusions.
  • We began to peer conference ~ noting Stars (things we liked) and Wishes (things we would like to know more about) as we read our peer's writing.


  • During Math, we completed an exploration, learning about shapes using geoboards, learning about time by playing "Time Concentration," and learning about arrays using unifix cubes and centimeter grid paper.
  • We learned about adding/subtracting 10 and 100 to a number by playing Addition/ Subtraction Spin-It.

Social Studies

  • We learned about the roles of community leaders. We first predicted their responsibilities and then read about community leaders to see if our predictions were correct.

Other Activities

  • We made predictions as to whether Punxsutawney Phil would see his shadow or not on Ground Hog's Day. The predictions were a unanimous 15 yes to 7 no. We learned that most of us predicted incorrectly and Phil did not see his shadow. Spring will be here soon.
  • We wrote in our Personal Journals about Ground Hog's Day and why we were happy or disappointed with Phil not seeing his shadow.
  • · Our class earned a Reading Retreat! We received our 100th compliment so we will have an extra feature to our celebration…the children may bring in a board game to play with friends. Way to Go 2MU! Stay tuned for celebration details.

Math Centers ~ Explorations with Time, Arrays, and Shapes

Reading ~ Main Idea and Details Mystery Bag Activity

Writers' Workshop ~ Stars & Wishes

Here's the Scoop By 2MU Reporters

By: Blake

Helen Keller

This week in school we learned about Helen Keller she is blind and deaf but most people think ow she is just another one of those people how are famose but they are actually more then that because its amizeing what she can do even thow she is blind and deaf.

Helen Keller

Helen Keller was blind and deaf for ever.

She hit Annie and knocked out one of her tooth. She learned how to write with her fingers. She loved her doll. Helen loved petting the cow. She tried brushing her hair and washing her face. She spelled so many words. No one could understand her until she learned to write with her hands. She learned to write with her hands from Annie.

By:Brody Leonard

Helen Keller by. Adam

This week in school we learned about Helen Keller. She was death and blind. She had a teacher

Named Anne slaving Helen learned to communicate with other people.

We lernd about Helen keller

By Brooke

Helen keller was very yony when she got sick so annie Sullivan came to help Helen Keller. Helen Keller didn’t know that she was trying to help so she was being very mean to annie. Annie put helen’s hand under water and spelled water and helen understood. And then helen wanted to know the name of everything and she was nice to annie. Helen learned to write and read. And she was very famous for writing books even thou she was blind and deaf. And she learned what everything meant and she worked with annie and they lived together.

Making our Valentines

Mrs. Murphy told us the colors that she had and they where purple, pink, and red. And then we got to pick what color we wanted. Then she folded them to make Valentine’s folders to put our cards in. Then we got to decorate them.

By: Emma

Watching Helen Keller

We learned that Helen Keller was deaf and blind. We watched a movie and learned a lot of cool facts. We learned that Helen and Annie fought for 2 weeks. Finally Helen learned sign language and also to read and write.

By: Lauren Hamblin


In social studies we learned about Alexzander Graham bell he’s the one how invented the telephone and Annie Sullivan she’s the one taught Helen Keller and she spelled words in her hand and she understood what she rote and the first word she learned was w-a-t-e-r and then she started to ask about every thing around her and she under stood.

By: Mike Mooney

Helen Keller

By: Daniel

Helen Keller became blind and deaf when she was little and it couldn’t go away it was permanent. Helen fought with Annie so much but Annie Sullivan didn’t give up to teach Helen.

At one point Helen understood W-A-T-E-R she wanted to know everything D-O-L-L




Star Student of the Week~ Lexi Leonetti

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