The Foretelling

Written by: Alice Hoffman, Presented by: Kaonou

The story is told in first person

Example from book- " By the time I rode back to our city of tents, I felt I would never cry again. That girl was gone, and I had returned in her place." ( This is the main character explaining her old self and she's only talking about herself.)



Rain - Queen-to-be, warrior, and dream rider

Alina- Current queen, mother of Rain

Fore teller- Tells the future of Rain

Io- Rain's little step sister

Conflict- Rain has to decide her destiny and the kingdoms future. She has to make the best choices for her people.

Setting- Takes place back then when war was constant, Mountain cave, and the Amazon Kingdom,

Rising Action-

  • Rain found out she has a little step sister and becomes very mean to Io
  • Rain's very first battle
  • Winter comes
  • The Amazon women have to move up to a mountain cave
  • Queen is very weak
  • Baby is coming to soon
  • Baby turns out to be a boy

Climax- The climax happens when Rain's mother becomes pregnant and very weak. When the baby is born, it turned out to be a baby boy. The Amazon sisters tell Rain to get rid of the baby, but the fore teller told her to keep the baby alive. Rain then has to decide to keep him or not.


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These passages I chose to read tells the reader about the plot and introduces one of the characters. These passages also talk about their first encounter with a wild animal and how it happened. The passages also talk about a unique gift they have.