MB's Multi 1-2 Classroom News

Edition 6


Shannon read us the new book "Creepy Underwear". It was pretty silly. It is by the same author and Caldecott honor winner of the book "Creepy Carrots", which we read last year. After we read and discussed the book, Shannon showed us how to make a Frankenstein Halloween card. We each made our own version. We wrote a note inside to a boy in Biddeford who has cancer and loves Halloween. Shannon brought the cards to the office and they will be sent to him.

Daily 5 CAFE

Blend Stretch and Re Read and Infer and Support with Evidence!

Over the past few weeks we focused in on the accuracy strategy Blend Stretch and Re read. We each got our own elastic to help us remember this strategy and use to stretch out words. We used the book "Bruce's Big Move" for this strategy.

We also worked on the comprehension strategy Infer and Support with Evidence. After reading and discussing the book "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!" we used some close reading skills to re read the book, find pages that showed the pigeon, but had no words. Then we inferred what we thought the author was thinking about the characters, the setting, the problem, and wrote what we thought the Pigeon might be thinking, based on the evidence we found and read in the book.

We also read the book ISHI and made our own ISHI and then offered some simple tips to be a successful solid student. This project will be posted on a bulletin board by our lockers. Please come read our simple, spectacular and solid advice! AMAZING!!!!

Content Classes

Math workshop and graded math with Mrs. Langelier and Shannon has been very busy and productive. We continue to learn strategies to help us problem solve. We have also learned some signals to use during our group discussions.

In writing workshop with MB and Shannon we continue to write in our writer's notebooks. First we all write for a silent 10 minutes. Then we write for a quiet 20. At the end on some days, students get to share their writing. MB finally started some Harper and Izzy stories too.

Word study time is also up and running. 1st graders have been focusing on closed syllables and all of the short vowel sounds. Closed syllables have 1 vowel, the vowel is closed in by at least one consonant, so the vowel sound is short. 2nd graders have been focusing on the many ways the long Aa and long Ee sound can be made. They have also focused on identifying closed syllables, vowel consonant silent e syllables, and D syllables. D stands for dipthongs- two or more vowels making one new sound, and digraphs two or more letters making one new sound.

Check out your student's See Saw learning journal to see our latest STWEAM activity!

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Parent Student Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, Nov. 7th, 3:30-7pm

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