Oh The Places You'll Go!

Zitzman 411 - Dec. 18th - 22nd

What's Happening This Week:

Monday: C Day. Sign up for extra Bounce House time. Pat Gaehle

Tuesday: D Day. PLC's. Fall Fundraising Limo Ride 9:30-11:30AM. Making a Difference Assembly 2:00-3:00PM.

*If your PLC is interrupted because of the activities going on just pick a different day to have the conversation with your team. I will have the agenda uploaded so you can pop in whenever works for your grade level.*

Wednesday: A Day. Board Member Recognition Day. Elementary Principal Meeting 10:00AM. MVR3 Board Meeting 6:00PM.

Thursday: B Day. 7:45AM Lighthouse Meeting (Library). Wonder 3-5 Field Trip. K-2 DOJO Leader Walking Field Trip 1:00-2:00PM. Staff Ugly Sweater Contest.

Friday: C Day. 3-5 DOJO Leader Walking Field Trip 9:30-10:30AM. Winter Parties (Half Day Schedule).

PLC Focus: Math

Overview - You have looked over: 12/5 ELA; 12/12 ELL; now 12/19 Math, next 1/9 RTI (all areas), last 1/16 Positive Pop-Ins.

Math Conversation:

Compare your GO Math Data using the google doc attached to the agenda from past to present school year.

Where are your students for MOY?

Have you updated your SLO Tracker?

Are the students aware of where they are and understand where they are expected to be?

What is your plan?

Who are specific kids you can bring to the conversation next week that may need RTI in regards to no progress?

Habit 3: Highly Effective Practice

Stay True in the Moment of Choice

Our character is revealed when we must choose between Quadrant 2 priorities and the pressures of the moment. We are effective when we align our choices with our mission, roles, and goals.

Common Practice:

Give in to the pressures of the moment.

Think About...

  • What tends to pull you away from following through on your Big Rocks - your Quadrant 2 priorities?
  • How do you feel when you give in to the pressures of the moment and neglect your true priorities?

Try This...

Think about an area of your life where you find it hard to stay true in the moment of choice. Identify a specific tactic you can use to achieve your Q2 priorities.

From the 7 Habits Book

"As you go through your week, there will undoubtedly be times when your integrity will be placed on the line... The urgent but unimportant priorities of other people in Quadrant 3 or the pleasure of escaping to Quadrant 4 will threaten to overpower the important Quadrant 2 activities you have planned. Use your independent will and maintain your integrity to the truly important."

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Blog Find: Moving from Obstacle to Advantage

In the same week, I heard the following obstacles shared by two different organizations that were significantly different in the number of students they served:

School District 1 – We are so small that we don’t have the resources that we need to do the things that we want.

School District 2 – We are so large that there are so many obstacles to get things done across our district.

So the thinking is that if the first organization had the size of the second one, they would be successful, and vice versa.

So let’s switch the thinking around.

School District 1 – We are so small that we can move very quickly to change our culture.

School District 2 – We are so large that we have access to so many resources that we can take advantage of to move our district forward.

You can wish you had something else, or you can take advantage of where you are.

This is not about moving from a pessimist to an optimist, but finding strengths where you may have seen weakness.

Instead of thinking about whether you are a “glass-half-full” or “glass-half-empty” person, why not ask, “what’s in the glass?” Figure that out, work from there, and use it to your advantage.