The Diary Of Anne Frank


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Anne Frank / Photo. Photograph. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 3 Dec 2015.


The Bird,

A bird could represent Anne very well. Just like a bird Anne can always catch her self talking just like how a bird sings all day. Another reason for a bird to represent Anne is that sometimes people can get annoyed and disliked by the amount of talking being done like how sometimes birds sing all day and people get annoyed with them. If Anne could be a bird she would fly and fly just like how she talks.

Keep Moving Forward Even in The Worst Times

In The Diary of Anne Frank, the theme "keep moving forward even in the worst times", is seen throughout. Many times during the hideout the franks and the Van Danns kept moving forward. during this time of the Holocaust the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah comes and Mr. Frank Prays " praised be Thou, oh Lord our God, ruler of the universe, who has sanctified us with the commandments and hidden us kindle the Hanukkah lights"(401). This tells us that Mr. Frank is very Holy and blocks out what others think about them. Another time during Hanukkah prays are said and Anne gives presents and says " It isn't over yet! There's a lot more, songs and presents"(403). By Anne saying this it tells us she is caring and not willing to give up. She can stay strong and stay with her religion.

Friendships and Family Can Overcome Others

In The Diary Of Anne Frank another theme could be "friendships and family can overcome others." The theme is seen throughout his the book or play. In this book many examples can be found in many occasions. One is seen when Miep helps hide the Franks and says "Everyone in the office has gone home. It's after six" (371). During all this the hiders were losing friendship. It all helped when Anne gave presents to everyone and said " There's a lot more, songs and presents" (402).