Amanda Moore Elementary

February 2018 Chalkboard News

Supplemental Count Day

Our second count day has been scheduled for Wednesday, February 14, 2018. This is the winter date when exact enrollments are taken and reported to the State of Michigan. It is VERY important that your child is in attendance on this day. If your child is absent, please send in a written excuse, and we will keep it on file.

Reading Calendars

Congratulations to all students who are meeting the reading goal each month by reading and completing their reading calendars! Students who meet their monthly grade level goal and turn in their calendar on time will enter their ticket (printed on calendars) into the drawing to win a book. You should have already received the reading calendar for the month of February. Keep up the good work!
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Green School Environmental Tip

It’s the time of year when homes have their highest energy demand of the year. Heating accounts for 34% of all annual utility usage and is part of what makes an average home twice the emitter of carbon dioxide emissions than a vehicle. Here is a way to reduce the demand for expensive space heating. CHECK THE DUCTS: To ensure that as much warm air as possible is delivered through your central system, check the ductwork and wrap any leaks with duct mastic. Distribution losses (what’s lost while air is transported from your furnace through ductwork to the vents) often amounts to 30%. So sealing ductwork could increase efficiency and the warm air you receive considerably….keeping you warmer and making your furnace work less.

Amanda Moore Elementary School

Romeo Community Schools:

Board of Education:

Dr. Gus Demas, President

Mr. Chris Young, Vice President

  • Mrs. Jill Rilley, Secretary
  • Mrs. Kim Barrows, Treasurer
  • Mr. Mike Antoine, Trustee
  • Mr. Wayne Conner, II, Trustee
  • Mrs. Anita Banach, Trustee

  • Central Office:
  • Mr. Eric Whitney, Superintendent
  • Ms. Jennifer McFarlane, Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services
  • Mr. Don Gratton, Executive Director of Facilities & Quality Control
  • Ms. Vicki Laseke, Executive Director of Business and Finance
  • Mr. Mark Nelson, Executive Director of Technology

  • Interpretación en español disponible poniéndose en contacto con Celia Ciecko 586-281-1419.

  • Amanda Moore Elementary School:

  • Mr. Roger Bennett, Principal
  • Ms. Dee LoGrasso, Secretary
  • Mrs. Tammy Hagood, Office Aide