Retold By:Robert D. San Souci (Precious Cardenas-Period 7)



Eldest Sister

Middle Sister

Invisible Warrior

Sister of the Invisible Warrior


Protagonist-The protagonist in the story is Sootface,because she is the character that is a kind and generous person.

Antagonist-The antagonist in the story are the two sisters of Sootface, because they are the characters that are envious and hateful towards the protagonist.

Plot-The sisters of Sootface will not help her seem presentable to give the invisible warrior a visit, and see if Sootface can marry him.

Rising Action

The invisible warrior's sister tells the eligible village women that if they can see what her brother's bow and bow string is made of ,they can be his bride.The woman who is correct is someone who has a kind and honest heart.


Sootface goes to see the invisible warrior and his sister makes Sootface beautiful again.She is able to pass the test and the invisible warrior declared their engagement to Sootfaces family.

Resolution/Falling Action

Sootface and the invisible warrior get married and Sootface is now called Dawn-Light.