3/4 G Garden - Kitchen Class

Term 1 Week 11

Tuesday 5.4.16 Garden

This week in the garden was all about organic gardening and why it is important to compost and use worm farms.

As a group we visited our worm farm and discussed how to care for them. We talked about what you can add and not add. Our worm farm needed some love and care, so we watered it and fed it and provided it with with some new hessian bags to keep the soil moist and cool.

Then it was planting time. Today we planted beetroot, spinach, silverbeet, snow peas, bok choy and rocket.

It is great to see all the students caring for these plants, carefully planting them, watering and then labelling them. Well done everyone.


Today both groups had fun making banana cup cakes with Mrs Bartlett. The students took turns to measure, mash the bananas and add the different ingredients to the bowl. Then they all helped mix and add the mixture to the cup cake tins, before putting in the oven to cook.

Best part was eating them afterwards. They were yummy. The students also helped clean up the kitchen and wash and dry the dishers which is great to see.