Booking Blizzard that is...and it starts TODAY!

Another snow storm is coming to eastern US while floods have been ravaging Europe...

and you know what they say...If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

So let's have our own blizzard...a BOOKING BLIZZARD THAT IS!

Grab your best booking gear:

  • Big list of contacts
  • Words to say
  • Your calendar with open dates marked
  • Use all the great tools from the 10 Days of Booking Challenge!

Make sure you warm them up....because baby it's cold outside!

and then FOLLOW UP WITH A CALL to get a date!

For every trunk show YOU book in the next four days (2/12-16), you will get a snowflake named after you on our BLIZZARD BOARD!
* Shows can be February, March, and April

The Stylist with the most snowflakes gets a prize guaranteed to warm them up!

But wait, there's more...a little friendly wager ;)

We are going head-to-head with two other teams who also continually have to battle the elements which often cause our bookings to go haywire: the Gemstones led by Senior Director Zandra Gay and the BadaBlings led by Platinum Director Carla Greengrass.

The leader who's team has the most snowflakes overall has bragging rights!

The other two have to post pictures of themselves out in the show wearing THEIR BATHING SUITS congratulating the winning team!

Let the Blizzard Begin!


Post your NEW bookings (Feb., March & April) on our US and UK 1st Impressions Team Pages or email me directly: so I can add your name to the snowflakes!