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Book Fair is right around the corner!!!

The book fair is right around the corner! If all goes as planned, I will have a teacher preview Thursday, October 22nd, after school. The book fair will be open for classes to schedule time to come down starting that Friday. We will also be open during parent teacher conferences. I have a few ideas up my sleeve on encouraging parents to stop by that could result in free books for your own classroom libraries! Stay tuned! :-)

In the meantime, I would so appreciate your help in sharing the online book fair with your friends and family. They will be able to order and pay online. Books will be delivered to school, for free, shortly after the fair is over.

Check out the online fair at

Updates: iPads & Apple TV

iPads should all be updated to iOS 9 this week. You may have noticed that tech added a reminder on the student iPads. Doing this update will make sure your iPad is functioning at its best and that app updates work.

Need help updating student iPads? Just let me know!

One more update you should make sure you do is for your Apple TV. Go into the menu, general, and select software update. When Apple TV is behind in updates, it will have a harder time keeping the connection.

Again, let me know if you need assistance!

Jenn Brower, Library Media Specialist for Portage Middle School

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  • iPads - anything from trouble shooting to app suggestions
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  • General tech troubleshooting
  • Library books - including inter-library loan
  • English novels / book club choices
  • Research Support
  • Curate online resources using symbaloo
  • And more!