Mrs. Spencer's 4th Grade

We are all in this together and we WILL be successful!

Mrs. Spencer's Weekly Message

Wow! I can't believe it is almost May! We are in the home stretch of your 4th grade year. Are you feeling like fifth graders yet? I have missed seeing all of your smiling faces and hearing your awesome stories! It is looking more and more like we may not be coming back this year. I am still working on figuring out a time that we can have a Google meetings so that we all have a chance to say our goodbyes for the year. I will let you know when I have more information.

Just like last week, I want you to remember that these are all suggested activities to help keep you sharp during this time that you are out of school. If they do not all get done that is okay, I just ask that you TRY to do as much as you can.

Please continue to do least do 20 minutes a day on Reading Istations and 20 minutes a day on Math Istations. Remember you have to spend at least 20 continual minutes in order to move on to the next lesson, otherwise you will start over each time.

Also, see if you can get on to Connect ED to read the stories and do some of the skills and strategies assignments.

Have a great week!
Mrs. Spencer

Important Log In Information

I have linked all the apps and resources that students will need to

  • Go to
  • Click on the student login (colorful G)
  • Students will need to type in their google usernames and passwords(I have sent these out to each of you, please check your ClassTag or Email). If your student is using a school Chromebook, they may automatically be logged into Clever.
  • Once you are on, go to the Spencer Closure Page (The Green Owl)

Suggested Daily Schedule

  • 60 minutes a day on reading skills
  • 60 minutes a day on math
  • 30 minutes a day on writing skills
  • 60 minutes on social studies and science
  • 30 minutes on PE, music, and/or art

Below are specific learning activities for to guide your work. I will be monitoring them, but if you have any questions along the way please email me.

Reading Assignments

Really SHOULD DO DAILY Reading Activities

20 Minutes Reading

20 Minutes Reading Istations

WEEKLY Practice Reading Activities~ Reading Unit 5 Week 4: ALL of these Assignments are found on your ToDo list on Connect Ed.

Monday: Weekly Opener; Take a Closer Look video, building background, Unit 5 Week 4 Vocabulary; Read, "Your World Up Close"

Tuesday: Summarize Lesson and Activities; Sequencing Lesson and Activities

Wednesday: Expository Text Lesson and Activities; Antonym Lesson and Activities

Thursday: Read " A Drop of Water" and answer questions at the end.

Friday: Read, "The Incredible Shrinking Potion" and answer questions at the end; Spelling Practice

Extra Reading Practice

Connected games and lessons

Epic Reading

Books from home or library

Newspaper or magazine

Reading additional stories on CONNECTED

Math Assignments

Really SHOULD DO DAILY Math Activities

15 Minutes Multiplication Fact Fluency Practice

25 Minutes Math Istations

WEEKLY Math Practice Activities~ Area Activities

Monday: Watch Perimeter Videos

Tuesday: Create squares and rectangles on the Geoboard app and practice finding the perimeter. Create at least 10.

Wednesday: Using a ruler, find the perimeter of at least 10 square or rectangular objects in your house.

Thursday: Perimeter Games: See Below

Friday: Can you find the Perimeter of your living room?

Perimeter Resources and Activities

Introduction to Perimeter | #aumsum #kids #science
Math Antics - Perimeter

Math Games

Writing Assignments

Writing :

Must Do Weekly

Use the Summary Resources to write a summary for each story you have read this week.

Monday: Summarize "Your World Up Close"

Tuesday: Write about the daily prompt on Wonderopolis(Clever Page.)

Wednesday: Write a summary about a book you read on Epic today.

Thursday: Summarize: "A Drop of Water"

Friday: Email summaries to Mrs. Spencer

May Do Writing Practice Activities



Istations Writing

Write summaries on books that you are reading.

Wonderopolis Writing Prompts

Idaho History