Schoology For Parents

Overview of using Schoology with a focus on mobile apps

Getting Started

To get started with Schoology you will need your student's code from their teacher. From a computer, access Schoology from the "Quick Links" area of the Fort Thomas Independent Schools' Webpage.

The first time you set up your account, you may want to do it from the Fort Thomas web page, after that you could log in from a smart phone or tablet. Download the app from your device's app store: iOS or Android.

For directions from Schoology on how to set up your account, click here.
You can see information about the differences between your account and your child's here.

Schoology Overview for Parents - Web Version

Schoology Parent View

See how to use Schoology from your Device

Parent Schoology: App Log In
Parent Schoology: App Overview
Parent Schoology: Viewing Assignments
Parent Schoology: Customizing Notifications in the App
Parent Schoology: Sending Messages