Zeus (Jupiter)

The god of thunder and lightning

The king of the gods

The king of all gods. One of the Three killers of Kronos. As a child Zeus had to step up to the biggest challenge yet, Kronos the destroyer.

How did he become a god?

Zeus was born in a mass genocide were the ruler was Kronos. Kronos had children, then he ate them all. But Zeus and 2 others survived and killed Kronos

Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades

These were the 3 survivors, they teemed up and overpowered Kronos. This is how Kronos died. It is also how the 3 gods were formed Zeus, Poseidon, and hades were now all gods.

The tree gods

After Kronos was killed, Zeus was the king of all gods, the god of thunder and lightning. Poseidon was the king of the sea, Hades was the king of the underworld.