Summer PD Opportunities

Madison County High School

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Literacy Summit

We have entered into a partnership with Innovate 2 Educate to host a Literacy Summit here in Madison County on July 27th. We are super excited about this opportunity (it's a big deal) to inform our System Literacy Plan and provide teachers with tools and strategies to help students access content standards. It also comes with a $150 stipend!

Focused on core literacy strategies that have the greatest impact on student learning, this professional learning experience will provide teachers across content areas (ELA, Sci, SS) in grades 3-12 with sessions focused on vocabulary, comprehension, and writing to support ALL students. Sessions will be interactive and will provide opportunities for collaboration, modeling, and guided practice as well as tools teachers can use in classrooms next year.

Facilitators: Dr. Lissa Pijanowski, Dr. Nicole Law and Dr. Angela Perry

Please sign up now for this awesome opportunity!

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About Dr. Pijanowski

I shamelessly stole this from her Innovate 2 Educate website.

Lissa supports teachers and leaders in creating compelling learning environments that reflect high expectations, promote student engagement, and produce results. Lissa’s work with schools across the United States integrates her years of school improvement experience and curriculum leadership in standards-based education.

Lissa has served as a public school educator for over 24 years and, prior to beginning consulting, served as the Associate Superintendent of Academics and Accountability for Forsyth County Schools. Her team was responsible for curriculum, instruction, assessment, academic support programs, professional learning, and workforce development. Prior to working in Forsyth County Schools, Lissa served as the Director of School Improvement at the Georgia Department of Education. At the GDOE, Lissa led regional school improvement teams to reduce the number of Needs Improvement Schools in Georgia through intense training on data analysis, performance standards, and focused improvement planning. Lissa also served as a building leader and classroom teacher.

Lissa has presented at numerous national and state educational conferences and is a published author. Publications include articles in Educational Leadership and the Journal of Staff Development. Additionally, she has contributed to Center publications Prioritizing the Common Core State Standards and Engaged Instruction: Thriving Classrooms in the Age of the Common Core. She holds a Doctorate of Education with a concentration in Organizational Leadership and Change, a Master’s in Educational Leadership, and a Bachelor of Science in Education.

She truly is great--you will walk away with tools for your classroom, I promise!

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Google Tools

Want to revolutionize the way you teach--Google Tools is one way to help facilitate your revolution!!

In early June, we have 4 sessions of Beginning and 4 sessions of Advanced Google Classroom/Google Tools available to all teachers and paraprofessionals in the system. There are plenty of slots left, so please sign up to take advantage of this opportunity.

Melissa Conway, ISL

Sign up for the Literacy Summit or Google Tools today, and I will leave a prize in your box!!