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Glacier Ridge Elementary School | September 3, 2021

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Principal's Message

Parent: How was school today? Child: Fine

As students come home each day after school, a frequent question they are asked from parents is, “How was your day?” Unless you are one of the lucky parents that are graced with a communicative and expressive child, the typical reply is often “fine.”

My own children often fall in the “fine” category. One strategy I often use is to ask them about lunch and recess, which is usually the favorite part of the day. I will ask, “Who did you sit with at lunch?” or “What was the most fun thing at recess today?” I will also make the questions more open-ended, meaning that they can’t always be answered with a one word answer. For example, “Tell me the funniest thing that happened today” or, “What was something that surprised you today?”

Recently, I have been requiring my children to ask questions about my day as well. As they learn to be sociable and caring children (and eventually adults), it is important for them to ask others how they are doing and inquire about the lives of others. Whenever we have the rare opportunity to all sit down as a family at dinner, we all talk about our day and practice asking questions of other family members.

Below are some resources with different questions you can ask your child to spark conversation about school, social interactions, and their daily life.

Four Questions to Ask Your Child Every Night

30 Questions to Ask Your Kid

The other resource is the communication you receive from the teacher. We use the pictures, emails, and apps to spark conversation about the learning and activities they do in class. The purpose of Bloomz is to allow a “glimpse into the classroom instruction, activities, and information.” Our hope is that the information you receive in Bloomz can help you engage in conversation about school with your child. You will see pictures of activities, sample problems, and question starters. Use the pictures and information you receive from your child’s teacher to talk to them about school and their learning.

Happy Talking!

Pete Kurty, Ed. D


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Meet the GRE Staff - Staff Videos

There are so many staff members at GRE. We would like to introduce ourselves. See a quick video from each staff member at our GRE Flipgrid.

  • Click HERE to view staff videos > Join with Guest Password

  • Password: Glacier Ridge (use capitals and the space)

Virtual Curriculum Nights

If you missed your child’s curriculum night this week, teachers will either share their presentation or video link.

You can view the principal Q & A HERE.

Crossing Guard Needed

If you walk or drive your child to school, you may know our crossing guard, Dave Lakin. His friendly waves and welcoming greetings have made coming and going to GRE a joyful experience. Unfortunately, due to his schedule in his other job, he will no longer be our crossing guard.

If you are interested in being a GRE crossing guard, please reach out to Pete Kurty, principal, at You will also need to apply on the district website HERE. The hours are 8:45 - 9:15am and 3:30 - 4:00pm.

Lunch Menu Changes

Your child may have noticed frequent lunch menu changes. Chartwells (our food service vendor for DCS) is having supply chain difficulties. Some of the items they anticipated having for their planned menu are not available or are not delivered on time. We are communicating changes with teachers and students in the morning, well before lunch time. If students have an allergy or issue with the change, teachers let the office know and we are contacting families as needed.

Tiger Trot Fundraiser! - Now through September 17

The Tiger Trot fundraiser kicks off today! Register your child’s fundraising page at and share the page with family and friends.

We invite family and friends to make our main fall fundraiser a success by helping us reach our $5,000 fundraising goal! We hope that each of our 500 GRE students will raise a $10 donation (we will always accept more or less).

The Tiger Trot Fundraiser is replacing our annual membership drive and mum sale, reducing the number of fundraisers this year. It will also build upon our long-time purpose of tiger conservation and incorporate additional activities that foster community building, collaboration, kindness, and empathy.

Unexcused Absence phone Calls

Parents of students marked with an unexcused absence will receive automated notification calls beginning Monday. Please note: While completing a Pre-Arranged Absence Form is important and appreciated, a prearranged vacation or trip is still an unexcused absence. However, completing the form lets us account for your child and know that they are safe. It also provides advance notification to their classroom teacher so that both student and teacher can plan accordingly.

Attendance, Dismissal, and Transportation

Please report absences, changes in dismissal, and temporary or permanent transportation changes to the front office by emailing This attendance link can also be found on the GRE website as well as the DCS Mobile App. Although the address says “attendance”, it is actually a great communication tool for any notifications to the office.

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Upcoming Events

Sept 6 - Labor Day – NO SCHOOL

Sept 8 - PTO Meeting @ 10:00AM with Dr. Marschhausen (Virtual & in-person)

Sept 16 - Hawaiian Ice Truck at GRE parking lot from 5-7pm

Sept 17 - Tiger Trot

Sept 22 - Fall Picture Day

Oct 13 - Family Conference Night and Principal Q & A @ 5pm

Oct 21 - Family Conference Night

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District News

COVID-19 Data

The latest COVID-19 data for Dublin City Schools is posted at this link.

The Dublin City Schools Zone Podcast - New episodes available every Monday

Join Supt. Dr. Marschhausen and his guests by downloading the DCS School Zone podcasts throughout the school year. In our newest episode, you can listen to a discussion about the future of our high school facilities.

Dublin City Schools Social Media

Stay up to date with the latest information from the District and your child’s school through our social media channels. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel today.

Oct. 13 PSAT administration

On Oct. 13, high school juniors will take the PSAT test. Students in grades 9, 10, and 12 will not attend class that day but their building principals will inform students/parents of the learning opportunities available to them.

Need more information? Visit our sites below.


If your child will be absent from school, please email our attendance line at