Roman name is Persues because he is a Hero not a God/Goddess

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Perseus's job

Perseus's job is to slay monsters and his accomplishment is that he killed Medusa.

Perseus's character traits

Perseus had three character traits: He's brave because he kills monsters and takes the role for that. He's also clever in battles, and being able to trick his enemies. He is also protective and that he saved the African Princess from a sea monster.

His Relationships

Perseus had terrible relationship with his dad, Zeus. He threw him and Danae (His Mom) in the ocean hoping they would die by the rough waves and would blame it on Poseidon because he is the God of the sea. He really got to look up to his mom. He later married the African princess Andromeda after saving her from Cetus. He ended up having 7 sons with Andromeda.

Perseus's Strengths

Persistent- He's Persistent in his battles or for when he is trying to find and kill a creature or monster like Medusa.

Persuasive- When he was fighting the three sisters he stole there one eye and threatened to throw it off the cliff if they didn't answer his questions

Courageous- He takes the role in protecting people by slaying monsters and killing Medusa

Perseus's Weaknesses

Perseus didn't have many weaknesses except he was a little deceptive.

Interesting Facts

Perseus was known for slaying the Gorgon Medusa

Perseus Created the City Mycenae

Rescued his wife the African princess Andromeda from a sea monster

Symbols of Perseus

He gives the people Hope for protecting them/rescuing them from Medusa