The American Revolution Tribune

by Sean Beslin

The Boston Massacre

It was a terrible day in the Boston colony. British soldiers shot and killed five men and injured six more. The first one to die was a boat worker named Crispus Attucks. This should be motivation for many to stand up and drive the British out of our colonies. This is just an extreme example of what people have to deal with on a daily basis. These actions are unacceptable and we need to put our foot down!

The Boston Tea Party

Today was a day of independence, one that will go down in history. A group of patriots known as the Son of Liberty went by down to the Boston harbor and dumped the tea into the harbor. This action takes a stand against no taxation without representation. They dressed as Indians to disguise themselves from the British. Surprisingly this event went without conflict. Afterward, the Sons of Liberty and the towns-people of Boston paraded down the street. "I think this is a wonderful statement toward our independence and I think there should be more people like the Sons of Liberty to take charge and stand for their freedom." -George Washington

The Battle of Yorktown

We Won!

Just another victory or the colonists in Yorktown. This battle was led by the great Gorge Washington. The aid of the French troops was most appreciated today because they were key in winning this battle. Not only was this a boost in morale for the Americans but the French also. This is very positive news and hopefully there will be many more battles won with the French.

The Battle of Saratoga

There was a turning point in the Revolutionary War. The battle was fought at Saratoga. It was won when the Patriots surrounded the British, forcing them to surrender. This proves that numbers only go so far when it comes to war. Our men have better morale and knowledge of the land and at this rate we will win the war yet.

The First Continental Congress

History was made today; there was the first Continental Congress to be held in united colonies and possibly the world. All but one of the colonies came together in this meeting talking about economic boycotts on British trade. Georgia was the only hold-out because they were hoping for help from the British against the American Indians. The meeting was held in Philadelphia where 56 delegates were appointed from the twelve colonies that attended."This is a wonderful display of how to work as one. I feel that if we are ever going to win our independence from Britain it will be together"-Benjamin Franklin.

3 Branches of Government

A New System of Government!

The government is planning on breaking into three Branches. These branches will be called the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branch. In the legislative branch there are two law making systems the House and the Senate. This is a genius idea, because these three branches check each other to make sure no one branch gets to powerful. For instance the legislative branch makes laws but the executive branch has the power to veto them.