SPA YMCA Adapted Recreation

and Special Olympic Agency 2-25

What type of agency is it?

The Stevens Point YMCA Adaptive Recreation/Special Olympics is a rereational agency.

What are the agency’s hours of operation?

Programming is at various times during the week. Generally practices for sports are every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00-6:00, year round. They also offer other programs from volunteering, group exercise, community projects offered during the week and sporting events on weekends

What geographical area does the agency serve?

The Stevens Point Area YMCA serves mainly Portage County and surrounding areas.


This program was developed more than 25 years ago. It started strictly as a Special Olympic swim program and has grown from 5 athletes served to over 180 athletes served and over 10 sports per year offered.

Interactions With the community

Parents- The athletes that are served at the YMCA are adults, age 19-85 years old. They do not have a lot of interaction with their parents. Those who live with their parents they see on a regualr basis, they suppor them in their activities. For the other athletes that live in different situations, they deal with caregivers and their case managers.

Schools- They mostly deal with SPASH. They have a Special Olympics Agency and also their Special Education departmetn works with the YMCA. They generally have sporting events with SPASH with Special Sports and other activities. The YMCA is also involved in their JET program (Job Experience Program). The YMCA provides job volunteer oppertunities for SPASH's special education students during the week throughout the school year. They have different jobs including, cleaning toys for drop-in childcare, folding towels, preparing mailings, filing, and many other jobs all depending on the students abilities.

Youth- The YMCA also offers programs and support for youth. They offer the Young Athletes Program for children 2-7 years of age and also have a shadow program for all ages.

Funding for the Agency

The Agency is funded by program fees and also United Way.

Services, how to access them, and eligibility requirements

The agency provides many services including, fitness programs, community projects, support for other programs offered at the Y, sporting opportunities, camp, possible employment opportunities, volunteer opportunities, social gatherings, friendships and relationship building. The Y has a great program guide that comes out three times per year, our website, Special Olympics refers participants , word of mouth, the high school refers to the program as a transition from high school after graduation. The Adapted Recreation program will serve anyone with any type of disability that needs assistance while they are at the Y. The Special Olympic program is for those with a cognitive delay, mainly ages 19 – 100!!

How and Who Evaluates the Agency

How the Agency is Evaluated- They have an accreditation that they must have every year through Special Olympics. Their Adapted program is evaluated by surveys sent out to participants, observations and also staff evaluations.

Who Evaluates- The staff, supervisors, parents, caregivers, support staff, case managers, participants. They also have an outcome base evaluation for United Way that they have to turn in.

What link does the agency have to the IEP?

The YMCA Adaptive Recreation does not deal with schools directly so they are not involved with IEP's

What link does the agency have to the transition process?

The YMCA is the service for those that would like to continue an active lifestyle once they graduated from SPASH. Those that didn’t do sports are welcome as well, they get information once the student graduates and keep in contact with them throughout the year after graduation. Some take a little longer to get involved but once they do, they stay with they YMCA for a very long time.