Archive war

by emiliano trevino

Archive War

In 1842 the Mexican army invaded san antonio a town near austin which gave the presitent sam Houston an excuse to move archives and the capital from austin back to Houston . the archive important because it contained items of symbolic and legal value and land titles , treaties between teaxs and the Europeans countries ,military records and the official governments papers and when Mexicans attacked texas again in the fall of 1842 congress assemble in Washington on the brazos and presitent Houston tried unsuccessful to get congress approval to move the archive to that river town but Houston then decided to coverly order two texas army officers to assemble a force about twenty men its good that Austin returned citizens the archive to their town and the bloodness Texan archive war ended on new years eve 1842.Many Mexicans panicked when they heard when the Mexican troops where gonna invade sonner or later.In September 1842 mexico invaded texas again .General Adrian wool and 1.400 troops captured san Antonio >Texas Samuel maverick described the morning invasion