Medicine in Ancient Eygypt

Alyssa Harbaugh & Brooke Luffey

The Rise of Medicine in Eygypt

Shamen and pagan priests used a variety of rituals, some medial techniques to cure common illnesses. Along with these rituals and techniques, they would sometimes come up with a cure that passed onto speaking traditions. Herbs and prayers were commonly used to cure the illness.Egypt allowed historians to study the the not-so-common everyday rituals they used.

From the site, I know this is true because it says, "Shamen and pagan priests used a blend of rituals and medical techniques, to cure ailments. Amongst the ritual and magic, they sometimes arrived at a cure that passed into oral tradition and memory...."

What this means is that is that the priests used certain techniques to cure their illnesses in ways that other priests didn't. They used certain herbs, prayers, and rituals that they believed would cure it.,

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Types of Egyptian Medicine

The ancient Egyptians developed many types of medicine. They used many herbs and drugs to cure illnesses. They developed eye-surgery and prosthetics. They used natural antibiotics to stop disease spead at work camps. Thge ancient Egyptians made many advances in medicine.

The Mummification Process

If an important pharaoh/king/ or important person died, They would be mummified. This is the process in which they mummified that body.

First, the body is taken to a tent called "ibu" and there the people washed his body with palms, then wine, and lastly rinse with water from the Nile. Second, the embalmers made a cut in the left side of his body, and removed all of the internal organs. these were the first part of the body to decompose, so it was important to take these out as soon as possible. The liver, stomach, and intestines were washed and placed in natron which would dry them out. The heart was not taken out because it was considered the center of intelligence and feeling. They thought that the soul would need it in the after life. Then they took a long hook, stuck it up the nose, mashed the brain, and then it spilled out of the nose. Third, the body is covered in natron which will eventually dry out the body. Fourth, after forty days, the body is then cleaned again with water from the Nile. It is then the they put oils on the body to keep to skin elastic. The dried organs are then returned to the body, and is stuffed with sawdust to make it look life like again. Now it is wrapped from the head down.

This is all of the mummification process, in which they followed every time a pharaoh died. is the site i used for the process.

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How we use this Today

Many of the ancient Egyptians idea are the basic for today's One site said, " Ancient Egyptian priest-doctors used moldy bread as an antibiotic, thousands of years before Fleming discovered penicillin." The ancient Egyptians also made the basics up for dentistry. They found a safe way to extract teeth. Without all these ideas today's medicine would not be as advanced as it is.
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