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A weekly update from Carleton Middle School.


Earlier this week I received an email from our Chief Academic Officer stating that several staff members were nominated for teacher of the year. I was thrilled to learn that Amy Cleary, Melissa Hardy, Cheryl Lantto, and Karen Riccinto were all nominated by their peers, students, and/or parents to become the Outstanding Middle School Teacher of the Year. This is a huge honor and one that does not go unnoticed. All of our teachers work hard day in and day out and I am thankful that these four were recognized as going above and beyond the expectations of what an educator does on a consistent basis.

It reminded me how fortunate our students are to have such great adults at their school. Our adults consistently greet them with smiles when they enter the building, remind them to use their manners, teach and reteach life skills, help them with their struggles, accommodate lessons to meet them at where they are developmentally, and push them beyond their limits. Receiving the email reminded me how important having a strong role model in your life truly is.

It is my hope, that throughout the next several years your son or daughter can have an inspirational, impactful, and memorable adult (that they connect with) at Carleton. They are here, I sometimes take them for granted, but they interact with them on the bus, in the cafeteria, in the hallways, near the restrooms, during class, at practice, and in many other ways.

Clark's Corner

I want to start by saying that I hope all of you had a Thanksgiving Break filled with family time, laughter, and joy. The holiday season is filled with opportunities to work hard at school, followed by times to rest at home. This week I would like to share one of these opportunities to work hard in school that Mr. Kausch and I were invited to witness.

Ms. Cleary, our art teacher, invited Mr. Kausch and I in to see some work that her students have been creating. Prior to coming in she explained to me that the students have been struggling finding the right way to use both light and dark shading to create an image that stands out and meets the criteria of the assignment. She spoke with pride about how her students had been frustrated, struggled, and were now creating what I will refer to as really cool pieces of art. As I walked around the room, I could see and hear the students' pride as they explained what they were doing, and showed me how their pictures were coming together. I can tell you that I truly enjoyed the work that these students produced.

The best part of this project was how we all could answer the question that we often ask our children at the dinner table. What did you learn today? Ms. Cleary's students learned about shading, color variance, and several other concepts of art. More importantly these students learned how to struggle, and grow from those struggles, how to evaluate and improve their work, and how to understand that success does not always come easily.

Thank you Ms. Cleary for providing us with this opportunity to visit what we learn in school each day.

Diversity Summit

Five students (pictured above) attended a diversity summit hosted by the Macomb County Intermediate School District earlier this week. Middle school and high school students attended from various schools around the county to attend presentations, have crucial conversations, and brainstorm solutions to have a better global awareness of diversity within our schools. I applaud these students for stepping up to the challenge about a sensitive topic within our greater community. Students found the day beneficial, enlightening, and excited to bring ideas back to Carleton.

When asked by Mary (an eighth grade Carleton student) what I learned during the day, I responded that I felt, in many ways, that our young people (8th-12th graders in this case) are more ready (and sometimes more mature) to have open dialogue about accepting those that are different than ourselves. I went on to say that if done correctly, adults can provide a safe and encouraging environment to have meaningful conversations about diversity in our school, community, and lives. I also shared that I have confidence in our future after hearing so many dynamic, accepting, and intelligent students speak throughout the day. I left reenergized and invigorated!

Events for Your Calendar

December 7 - Band Concert 7pm, SHHS Performing Arts Center

December 10-16 - Shopping at Five Below (Flyer to come out shortly)

December 11 - Home Basketball Game

December 12 - Extra Credit Union (open during all 3 lunches)

December 12 - Booster Club Meeting - 6pm, Media Center

December 14 - Extravaganza, 3-4:30pm

December 19 - 1/2 Day, Dismissal at 11am (Pep Assembly)