Unit 1 culminating project

By Dontel Banice


The song lyric I’m going to use is “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child. In this song one of the verses of this song was, “you thought that I’d be broke without you but I’m richer.” In the verse it has repetition of the words “you” and “I” which shows that this song is about a relationship. The relationship broke up and now she’s saying her life is better without him.

The chorus says “I’m a survivor… I’m not gon give up.” For the verse it's explaining that the person thought she was going to be broke but she’s richer now. And now for the chorus it explaining that no matter what she is not going to give up. She repeats “I’m a survivor” through the breakup because she’s trying to show that she can do better without the boyfriend.


A basketball team is like the five fingers on your hand. If you can get them all together, you have a fist. That's how i want you to play , As a fist if you got that you'll have a team. Is what one of my old coaches told me from way back.


See let me tell you a little some about cash ,

If I don't get enough I might get a rash.

But theirs was this boy name Bob ,

He had a little something called a job.

His job was to catch bunnies ,

That's how he got his monies.

You don’t have that much time ,

so it’s time to find some dimes.

So when you get ya cash,

you wanna stash it.


There was this little dino name Dontel he was a little aggressive thing, it was like he was a baby black bear. But it was this one day it was so boring that the little dino was watching the flowers dance in the glance of the breeze. Later on that day the little dino was trying to catch a bird he was running so fast as if he was a cheetah. Than little dino friends came and his friend ask is that his bird, the little dino said “yes she’s a beauty isn't she.” Later on that day he was so sad that the clouds gotten dark and it started to rain.


The hobby i put my time into is basketball. i choose basketball because it was the very first sport i wanted to play. When i first saw someone playing so it caught my attention. So every since i been playing. I will pick to play basketball over anything. So now i be putting so much time into playing basketball if i had to say how much time i put in basketball it will be about over 100 hours. I choose to put so much time into basketball for i can become or just go in to the NBA.

I took that one

An opportunity i took was when it was an open spot for an job and i had took a vantage of that. So what i did was i made sure i looked nice for the interview and i practice what will i say for the interview. So i did a couple of practice of practice for the interview. Once i got into the place which was the lums pond state park. when i got into the interview i did everything i practice. at the end they ask me to step out the to the side for a second and once they came back the came to me said they liked me and they want me to be part of the team. And that's how i took an opportunity that was giving to me.

Just that lucky

I remember when the time i had gotten lucky was when i got my first tattoo. OK , let me tell you the story i got it, it was in the middle of the summer when i was working my butt off at my job. So when i got my first check. I didn't know what to do with me couple of days to think what should i choose to do with my money. So i was like I'm going to go get my first tattoo so when i went to go get it. the lucky part of this was that if i was going to get in trouble if i got it. So when i got my tattoo i call my uncle and he said i was ok so i was lucky.

No fear

It was this one day when i and the ROTC class had gone to six flags. It was the most amazing and happiest thing i have EVER done in ROTC. Right when i got in the inside of the park my heart drop , i started to shake my pants off i was shaking like a dog when he get out of the water. When i got on the ride i was scared as kids scared of clowns but when the rides started i found love at the first site as if i was romeo and Juliet.

One dummy

First let me start by saying that you'll shouldn't believe what everyone says. But the story about me telling my little cousin about spider man being real. What i said was that spider man was real and he had save someone downtown. And my little cousin wasn't believing me so i should him a picture of spider man saving someone. That's when he starting to believing me. And than started to tell him about spider man and story's about spider man. And from there he been believing me every since.

Please listen

My little nephew always watch me play basketball and one day he said he wanted to learn basketball. So one day i was like let me teach him a little something about basketball for right now. So what i started with was the basics of basketball because he was a beginner. So first i tough him how to dribble what i had him doing was dribbling back and forth to trash cans.. The second thing i had tough him was was how to shoot. During them shooting skills i had him practicing his free throws and three pointners and med range shots. After all them things i had him practicing his layups. After all that i had him running through the neighborhood. After that first day i had him doing all these thing once a week. Since than has been getting better. And than i told him is the only thing you got to do is listen .

Quess my culture

I got an normal culture as other Americans. Their nothing probably different from my culture than an other American that's in my class i probably eat the same food as other americans. One thing i can say is different from my culture is the music ill listen to cause everyone doesn't listen to the same thing. And everyone has different flavors in music. But yes my culture is the same or its aint different from everyone else. But ill got to family events and work , school ,church and everything other Americans do.

Use your hunger

As my life now one thing i can say is that or a symbol that explain my life is hunger. Because as an teenager you goes through a lot and as you grows up you start to think about what you want to do in life for you can become successful in life of your hunger. So as i started up first i wanted to be an famous athlete. Second become an business man by owning a business. Last i wanted to go to the army if i had no looks for a success way. As my my hunger for a famous athlete i started to train and work hard for my success. So for now my hunger is rising im trying to find my way to success so i work hard at everything i do out and in school or any thing.

Vs hunger

A symbol that will explain my future life is successful. Ill pick this because as my life going right now and as I'm am working hard for everything I'm taken. Because as I'm choosing i can see me in the future with my family having a nice house living life and getting everything i need to do to get done. But without me working hard i wouldn't get my dream and future that i want without working hard.

When it's time to mature

A story about when i felt mature was when i went shopping for my girlfriend for Christmas. One of the reason why i felt mature was because as a couple of years before i would think it's weird or nasty for me to go shopping for a female underwear. Because as now i see younger males says its weird for a male to go shopping for a females underwear and i thought to myself that its child-est how i used to think like that. Because you going have to grow up and mature up and go shopping for you girlfriend one day. So that's when i started to think that as when i had mature up for me to do something like this.