Catholic Schools Week 2015

January 25-January 31

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We will be celebrating our 'SUPERHEROES OF THE BIBLE' each day!

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We need your old T-Shirts!

On Friday, January 30, we will be celebrating our annual Big Dawg/Little Dawg Day. Students will be participating in superhero-themed events throughout the day. We will be providing them with 'SuperDawg' capes on this day at St. Joe's--and we need your help!

300 students = 300 capes = 300 t-shirts!

One cape can be made from any size or color t-shirt. The only requirement of the shirt is that the front or back of the shirt is solid, with no printing on it (or the inside of the front or back of the shirt has no printing on it--see completed sample above). Our local printer, Scott Stichter is providing us with nearly 100 free shirts to use, so we now only need 200 shirts. Please, clean out your dressers and closets (the Diemers found 13 in 1 dresser)--do not go out and buy new t-shirts to send in to be used as capes!

And then, please send your shirts in ASAP!

In addition to cutting the shirts into capes, we will also be printing the 'golden A' on the back of the capes. Again, Scott is helping us with this portion of the project and we will be printing them over the weekend at Aquin.
The sooner the delivery of your shirts to either Aquin office the better--and no later than Friday, January 23--thank you in advance!

* More information on the special dress days--including the week's benefactor--will be coming soon. Donations will earn the 'special dress' privilege. And remember, capes will be provided for all Superheroes, Superfans and SuperDawgs on Friday!
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