If Found, Bring to Mrs. George

Photo of Ebola

The photo on the right is a microscopic visual of the disease called Ebola.

Physical Description

When Ebola appears in its’ victims, the infected host has red eyes, bleed from the eyes, have headaches, have pain, both internally and externally; cramping, bleeding, and more.

Organism’s m.o.

Ebola is transmitted virally, meaning through human contact with liquids from an infected host. It attacks the immune system and causes the host to have numerous side effects.

Common Victims

Ebola is most common to people who come into contact with it. Its “target” is any human or animal, there’s no specific prey that Ebola has.

Hide out

Ebola comes from primitives in Africa, and is most likely to be found there.

Most common injury

The most common injury from Ebola is extreme sickness and then leads to death.

Is it considered armed and dangerous?

Ebola is definitely considered dangerous. The degree of the damage caused is severe. 70% of people who get it die.

Number of victims the bacterium

9,836,035 people

Most effective weapons against

The most effective way to fight against Ebola is to go to get prescribed medicine.

Any other identifying characteristics

Death is the most probable “tattoo: to get on an infected body, but if you survive, there are marks left on the body from the damage of the side effects. Skin looks deranged and scars will be in places. Inside your body, the immune system also takes it’s toll and would definitely be damaged.

Remember, If found, Please bring to Mrs. George's Classroom.

Ebola is dangerous, Containment is required!