brianna :-)))


10 words that describe me :-)

1. faithful to Christ

2. intelligent

3. book smart (i read a lOT)

4. energetic

5. keeps to self

6. artistic

7. obsessive compulsive disorder

8. fangirl

9. elusive

10. competitive

3 things that move me

just an audio of my favorite song

Taylor Swift - I Know Places

6 things that make me, me


Q what are your dreams/inspirations?

A a dream of mine has always been to be singer. ever since i was a little girl. when i'm 16, i actually plan on going on the voice and trying out. i hope to get somewhere with it too.

Q what philosophies/beliefs do you hold?

A that Jesus is number one...

Q what do you love/hate?

A i love 5 seconds of summer and one direction and pizza. i also like to talk like miranda sings from youtube a lot. something i hate is when people say libary instead of libRary.

Q what is your work ethic?

A i feel like even if i feel like i did bad, i know i tried hard (ha 5sos pun) and gave it my all.

Q what are some conflicts you face that make you who you are?

A i get acne??

Q what are your relationships like with your friends/family?

A i'd rather not answer this one since it's a little more personal on my level :-)

Q what do you hide?

A my feelings

Q what brings you pain? what do you fear?

A the nightmares i get at night about one particular person brings me pain. i fear the unknown. i'm not quoting the fault in our stars, but i don't like not knowing things. so you can say i am not much of a surprise fanatic

Q what brings you joy or happiness?

A quite a few things. mainly bands, 5 seconds of summer mostly, damien zapatero, my really close friends.

Q what makes you laugh?

A there are lots of people who make me laugh. 5 seconds of summer for one, damien zapatero, samantha weaks, marybeth geren and so on :-)


video that decribes me

Wherever You Are- 5 Seconds Of Summer

places that have impacted me any why

one place i went when i was younger was disney world with my mimi and papaw. it was a lot of fun and i would most definitely go back but with my parents and siblings this time. it didnt really impact me, but that's one of the only places i've been.

lyrics that mean something to me

"Rain came pouring down, when I was drowning, that's when I could finally breathe." -Clean by Taylor Swift

favorite book is Slayers by C J Hill

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favorite movie is Catching Fire (haven't seen Mockingjay yet and are very sad)

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Quote from the Great Gastby

"And all I kept thinking, over and over, was; you can't live forever, you can't live forever."

this has some sort of meaning to me, i just haven't really found it yet, but i can feel it in the pit of my stomach that this quote speaks to me on a spiritual level