Arctic Journey

Arctic national wildlife refuge and the north slope

Tour package

Enjoy the cold refreshing breeze of the Arctic as you take a trip to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the North Slope. Take in the majestic landscape around you and the magnificent views that will take your breath away. Take this rare opportunity to see the angelically cute wildlife and their snow covered fur. Don't miss this astonishing opportunity to learn and see another part of our world! While others are enduring the sun baking weather you can be in the Arctic snuggled up in your warm clothing as you enjoy the cold weather. Though it may be exceedingly cold in the Arctic you get to enjoy a part of the world most don't get the opportunity to see!


Buy the three week tour package for $4767 and plan your visit! Take this adventure by yourself or with a guided group! This journey is for you so be sure that pack for your comfort and needs. Be sure to pack warm clothing and to prepare for this amazing opportunity to visit the Arctic and experience all it's wonder!