Oh! The Places You'll Go!

2015-2016 LVES Weekly Staff Newsletter


Tier 3 Meetings on Monday

We have Tier 3 meetings on Monday, so Tasha and Joanne will not be pulling groups. If we are going to discuss one of your students, you will receive a calendar invite from me with the time to be in the Reading Lab. Please come prepared with current data and intervention ideas.

Sack Lunch Count for Early Release

If you haven't turned in a sack lunch count to Zita, please do so today before you leave. Zita and our cafeteria staff will have sack lunches ready for pick up starting at 10:00. Please do not come before 10:00 to pick up lunches, the cafeteria staff needs time after the breakfast rush to put lunches together.

Early Release Specials Schedule

The following grade levels will go to specials on Wednesday:

  • 4th - regular specials time
  • 3rd - regular specials time
  • 2nd - regular specials time

Kinder and 1st will not have specials this time around, but will on our next early release day, December 17th.

Tier 2 Meetings on Thursday

I will be meeting with grade levels during conference times on Thursday for our first round of Tier 2 meetings. The purpose of this meeting is to start a list of students you have set goals for in Tier 2. All of the goals will be filled out in Aware this year, not paper form. If you haven't already filled out a form yet, don't worry, we can do that on Thursday. If you are setting a goal for a student, you need to also communicate to parent what the goal is and the interventions you are providing.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

CEIC Teacher Reps

Thank you Joanne Stern and Chelsey Jimenez for being the teachers reps for our CEIC. Joanne and Chelsey will serve as our teacher reps for the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years.


I received feedback from 2 of our CIP teams about using one PLC a month to implement professional development ideas. So, please talk with your grade level's School Context CIP representative about professional development needs for your team. This CIP team is working on assessing our campus professional development needs.

Weekly Attendance Goal

The attendance goal for the week of September 24th was 96%. So, we didn't reach our weekly goal this week, but we will be on track to reach our goal next week.

Viking Spirit Contest

Congratulations to the following winners of this week's Viking Spirit Contest:

  • Kinder - Mrs. Rowin
  • 1st Grade -Mrs. Ballard and Mrs. Williams
  • 2nd Grade - Mrs. Jimenez
  • 3rd Grade - Mrs. Holleyman and Ms. Voisinet
  • 4th Grade - Mrs. Dement, Ms. Henderson, Mrs. Rohne and Ms. Little

Compliance Videos are due Wednesday, September 30th!! Please submit your certificates of completion through Eduphoria on or before Wednesday!

Faculty Meeting

No faculty meeting this week due to Parent/Teacher conferences...Happy conferencing!

Weekly Quote

"The game of life is a lot like football. You have to tackle your problems, block your fears, and score your points when you get the opportunity."

-Lewis Grizzard

I know this quote is not by Dr. Seuss, but in honor of tonight's Homecoming game, I thought a football quote was needed:-)

Faculty Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the following staff members:

  • Janna Oliver - October 1st
  • Nancy Baker - October 3rd

We hope you have a wonderful birthday Janna and Nancy!

Also want to wish a belated Happy Birthday to Sasha Wells...her special day was yesterday!

Mark Your Calendar - be sure to add "Elementary Staff Calendar"

  • September 29th - Michelle at admin meeting, 9-11 am
  • September 29th - UIL Kick-Off Pep Rally during 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade lunches - Teachers on lunch duty
  • September 30th - Early Release at 11:30 am for Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • September 30th - Compliance Videos due
  • October 1st - New Teacher Check-In, 3:05 pm
  • October 5th - Gen Ed/Special Ed Teachers meet during conferences
  • October 7th - Leadership Team Meeting, 3:05 pm
  • October 12th - Columbus Day - Student/Staff Holiday
  • October 13th - Student Holiday - Staff Development
  • October 13th - LVES Family Fun Night, 4th grade representin'
  • October 14th - Michelle at admin meeting, 9-11 am
  • October 14th - CIP Team Meetings, 3:05 in Library
  • October 20th - Michelle at admin meeting, 9-11 am
  • October 20th - Title 1 Parent Meeting, 6-7 pm
  • October 22nd - CEIC Meeting, 3:15 pm
  • October 23rd - End of the 1st nine weeks
  • October 23rd - Quarterly Self-Assessment #1 due