Better choices made for America

Debt and National bank

All the power of government should be more local and not just central. If we made it central, then we wouldn't be giving power to the people. We would become what we were fighting against in the revolution.

Hamilton's plans were aiding him and his federal buddies in the north, they had not payed off their debt, and not giving enough power to the states. The states need more or equal power to the national gov't not weakened, no respected power.


The french should be allowed their freedom not controlled by a king who doesn't even care about the wealth of his kingdom. He doesn't even care for the peoples' well-being. All he cares about is money for himself. We should help the French get their freedom like we did from Britain.

Britain should be taught not to mess with us. They have impressed our merchants and should be punished for the crime. We need to show Britain that we are a nation of our own. If war is what they want, then war they shall get.

Alien and Sedition Acts

The federalist have put out that we should not say anything bad about them when all of it is true. They made an Act basically stating that we shouldn't be aloud to use our freedom of press. Their passing things that we fought against in the great war for freedom. We need to stick together and fight these wars and become the nation we all dream of.