Silent Hill


Silent Hill

The Silent Hill franchise has been around for a couple of years, first made in 1999. The latest game was made in 2012.

Each Game has a different story about the town called Silent Hill.

Silent Hill

The first silent hill game was created by Keiichiro Toyama. In 1999, it was released for the Playstation.

It is following Harry Manson, trying to find his daughter and get caught in a feud with the town's cult within Silent Hill.

Silent Hill 2

This second installment was released in 2001

The game follows James Sunderland's adventure in Silent Hill as he received a letter from his late wife, telling him that she is located there. A little later, he finds the true origin of her death.

Silent Hill 3

The third installment was released in 2003

This game follows a female named Heather as she gets caught in a feud with the town's cult.

Silent Hill 4: The Room

The fourth installment was released in 2004

It follows Henry Townshend as he locks himself in his apartment and strange phenomena start happening.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

This game was released in 2009

It follows Harry Manson as he tells a psychiatrist what happened in Silent Hill and what he does as he finds his daughter.

Silent Hill: Origins

This was released in 2007

This follows Travis Grady as he is trapped in Silent Hill after he rescues a little girl from a burning building.

Silent Hill: Dounpour

This game was made in 2012

This game follows a prisoner named Murphy Pendleton as he gets trapped in Silent Hill as his bus gets into a crash in Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: Homecoming

This game was released 2008

This game follows Alex Shepard as he searched for the whereabouts of his younger brother Joshua after he is missing.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories

The latest game was made in 2012

This game is an RPG where you can customize your own character and fight in the town of Silent Hill

Author: Jack Muraoka

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