Dion Lewis

Patriots Running Back

Where Did Dion Lewis Grow Up?

Dion Lewis grew up in Albany New York. He went to high school at Albany High School. He later went to the Albany Academy and then transferred to Blair Academy. At Blair Academy he led them to two MAPL championships. As a junior, Dion rushed for 12.4 yards per carry and had 979 yards on 79 carries and with 1,243 yards on 88 carries as a senior. Dion also was a 3 year letterman in track and field. He had 14.1 yards per carry his senior year He participated in sprints, long jumps, and relays. Dion Lewis will be the first player from Albany to play 11 games or more in the NFL. For college he went to Pittsburgh.

Who were Dion's family members and friends?

His mother’s name is Linda Lewis. His father’s name is Leroy Lewis. His sister’s name is Shaquana Lewis. One of his brothers is named Lamar Lewis and the other is Deavonn Lewis. One player, Jabaal Sheard, played with Dion in college, on the browns, and on the Patriots. Also, His trainer is named Mike Grasso.

What happens during an ACL tear?

Anterior cruciate ligament is what ACL means. An ACL tear or sprain occurs with a sudden change in direction or pivot against a locked knee. The ACL is one of the four ligaments that provides stabilization for the knee joint. There are about 200,000 ACL tears per year. Also, the older you get the more likely you are to tear your ACL. It is a treatable injury and ACL tears happen in all sports including soccer, basketball, football, and baseball.

What are Dion Lewis' stats through his career

  • He has 85 career rushing attempts

  • He has 405 career rushing yards

  • He has 4 career rushing TDs

  • His career long is a 20 yard rush

  • He has no career rushing fumbles

  • His career average is 4.8 yards per career

  • He has 25 career rushing first downs

  • He has played in 31 career games

  • He has 39 career receptions

  • He has been targeted 53 times in his career

  • He has 409 career receiving yards

  • He avgs 10.5 yards per reception

  • His career long is a 40 yard reception

  • He has two receiving TDs

  • He has 17 career receiving first downs

  • He has 2 career fumbles and lost one of them

  • He has returned 32 kickoffs in his career

  • He has 702 returning yards

  • His longest kick return in his career is 33 yards

  • Dion has even played one play on defence
Rotoworld Website

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What happens during a fibula fracture?

Fibula fractures can occur anywhere along the Fibula. There are complete or partial Fibula tears. Not a severe injury most of the time. Symptoms include bleeding, numbness, pain, tenderness, swelling, and bruising. It can be caused by direct contact or twisting your leg the wrong way. It can be avoided by stretching, warming up, and strengthening your body. It can be treated by elevation, icing, and medicine
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