6 Traits of Writing & Writing Way

Evan Tvedt

Six Traits of Writing for Stick People

The 6 Traits of Writing


  • choose an interesting topic
  • include details such as: facts, examples, statistics, and thoughts/ feelings


  • use the colors to organize your work
  • green is for topic sentences
  • yellow is for main ideas
  • red is for details


  • "speak" in an engaging way that keeps readers interested
  • show rather than tell

Word Choice

  • use specific nouns and words
  • use exciting adverbs and adjectives
  • use a thesaurus!

Sentence Fluency

  • combine short, choppy sentences
  • use a variety of sentence lengths
  • use simple, compound, and complex sentences
  • use transitions


  • edit with COPS
  • use evaluation sheet for revision

The Writing Process

Writing Process


  • brainstorm ideas
  • decide on a topic
  • do the research needed to be done
  • when assembling ideas for a nonfiction paragraph remember to use a T table


  • put what you read into your own words
  • write sentences even if they aren't perfect
  • use a core 4 topic sentance


  • reread what you have written
  • take out or add parts
  • make sure it sound smooth and not chunky


  • correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization
  • have someone check your work
  • rewrite it correctly and neatly


  • create a final copy
  • illustrate the manuscript
  • submit to a publisher (optional)