Mrs. Byrd's English II

February 1-5

Weekly Agenda

Wednesday, February 10th


- cell phones

- computer usage and care


- attendance and tardies

Do Now:

Discussion Post

Period 1

Periods 2 and 3


Blindside preview

Partner discussion -

- Do you think Michael would have the same opportunity if he'd been taken in by a family of lesser means than the Tuohy's, but had just as much love and support to offer him?

Explain? Use evidence from the text, the world around you, and your personal life. Jot down a couple of notes (Period 1) and be prepared to discuss.

Period 2 and 3 notes

- Did we complete "The Ballad of Big Mike"?

Let's review - go to the text.

Thursday, February 11

Do Now:

- Discussion Post

Period 1

Periods 2 and 3

- Review our Writing scale - where are you now? Fill out the reflection sheet - be honest.

Discuss next weeks Writing Workshop Schedule and pass out passes.

Period 1 Questions

Periods 2 and 3 Questions


Reward movie with discussion questions and essay option.

The questions will require thought and textual evidence - use parts of the movie as your evidence - what people said, actions, etc.

***Students not finished with previous assignments will work in room 104 until completed.