Self Esteem

Jasin Bryant

Self Esteem Questionare #3

13 is my score

0-4 good self esteem

5-10 mild low self esteem

11-18 moderately low self esteem

19-50 severely low self esteem

Online Self Esteem Quiz

43/100% i could handle self esteem

Self Esteem Quiz #2

49 is my score

0-44 low self esteem

45-59 moderate self esteem

60-75 high self esteem

Evaluate Your Self Esteem #8

my score is 43

0-15 seek help

16-25 low

26-35 moderate

36-50 good

51-60 highly good

self esteem and teens

What self esteem means to me is how you can handle situations more than you could handle them offensively.

The actual definition self esteem is ( a feeling of having respect for yourself an your abilities.)

Teens can have very low self esteem or they can have very good self esteem.

a teen can be anyone from the age 13 to 19.