King Henry VIII

by: Amanuel Debru

Henry the Viii

Henry the VIII is from England. He is actually the king of England. some of his reforms and main ideas where that he did not like that he had too be under the popes authority. that never happened, so he created the church of England.

main ideas and reforms

king Henry viii was married too his dead brothers wife for 24 years. he requested for a divorce by the pope, and the pope said no. that made king Henry mad, so he decided to create his own church. king Henry made his own church and it was called the church of England. he then married Anne Bollen but ended up killing her because sh did not give him a son. it was only until king Henry third wife gave him a son but died later then due to child birth.

Henry the VIII- the most iconic king in english history

henry the viii from others perspective

"Henry the viii- charismatic, rich, married, will stop at nothing too make Anne Bullen his mistress, even if it takes the betrayal of his most cunning adviser, divorce from his loyal wife, and the establishment of his own religion''