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The story behind Christmas

The word Christmas comes from the old english term Cristes maesse meaning: Christ’s mass. It is believed that the 3 wise men visited baby Jesus in the later half of the century, bearing him gifts. These men were guided by the north star (they didn't have any compasses or maps at the time.) This happened on the 12th day of christmas. In some places this is called the “festival of the 3 kings” due to the belief of the 3 wise men being magai (magic men). Tradition says Jesus was born in Bethlehem approximately 6 miles from Jerusalem. Joeseph was the legal father of Jesus but the Biblicial accounts state that the angel Gabriel came to Mary, who was a virgin, and told her that she would give birth to the son of God. On january 6th jesus christ was baptized. this day is called epiphany meaning appearance.
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How people celebrate christmas

For christmas people set up trees and decorate them with lights and ornaments. They make several foods and often give gifts to one another. People often come together to sing carols. People often use the holly plant and several wreaths. Many of the meals of christmastime are often considered the most elaborate of the year. People usually look forward to snow on Christmas as snow is usually associated with Christmas. Christmas is also, however celebrated in the southern hemisphere. Christmas starts on december 25th. Christmas is both a religious and secular holiday, many non-christians celebrate christmas in a secular way, often using the tree and gift giving rituals.This is the orgin of the Christmas tree, one of the things secular and non-secular Christmas celebraters have in common. The modern Christmas tree seems to have originated in Germany during the Middle Ages. A main prop in a medieval play about Adam and Eve was a fir tree hung with apples. Called the “Paradise tree,” it represented the Garden of Eden. German families set up a Paradise tree in their homes on December 24, the feast day of Adam and Eve. In the same room as the tree they kept a Christmas pyramid made of wood. Both the pyramid and the tree were also decorated with candles, and the tree had hanging sweets. By the 16th century the pyramid and the Paradise tree had merged, becoming the Christmas tree popular today. People in English-speaking countries often roast turkey, goose, or beef, while fish is popular among many European cultures. Many families enjoy gathering together to bake Christmas cookies. People in Mexico like to make buñuelos, fried tortillas covered with syrup and cinnamon sugar. Chrildren in the US often leave milk and cookies behind for Santa.
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Did you know this?

1) Although in most countries today time is reckoned from the birth of Jesus, a mistake occurred in fixing the date of this event. We have no record of the exact date of Jesus’ birth.

2)In Spain children leave their shoes outside filled with straw and barley for the Magi’s animals and hope that presents will be left by the wise man Balthazar.

3) Mary and Joseph, although poor, were descendants from Israel’s most famous king, King David.

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