The best wealth is health

By: Armin and Manraj


It is very important to have your nutrients because without nutrition your amune system gets weaker. The six main nutriens are carbohhydrates, protien, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water. Healthy eating is not only just eating salads it's also eating pizza sometime's, by sometimes I mean once a week. Having nutriens prevent heart disease and other diseases like heart disease.


Physical Activity

Physical activity is important because it helps you burn calories. Also because it helps you stay fit. It can also increase your lifespan, and You can also lose weight. All sports help you become active because when you skate in hockey you burn calories or even if your a goaly in soccer when you try to save the ball it burns calories. You are suppose to play 90 mins daliy for a child. For adults you are suppose to play 30 to 40 hrs.