3S Sensations

Week of 4.20

A Note from Ms. Salazar

I hope everyone had an enjoyable week! Ours was full of fun as we went on our first Field Trip and participated in Take Your Child To Work Day! Thank you for making sure your child was ready for our trip and a special thanks to our chaperones!

Student Profile Characteristic Sheets are due today for placement next year. If you would prefer to email, please feel free to do so. Click on the link below for the form.

Field Trip

Our next Field Trip will be Monday, 4/27. We will be traveling to the Planetarium at Rowan University. Please pack a lunch for your child to enjoy on the grass at the University.

Garden Helpers

We will be visiting the garden more regularly now that the weather is cooperating! If you are interested in helping out with the garden, please let me know and I will be in touch when we schedule dates. We usually visit the garden in the afternoon, between 1 and 2:45.


Dress rehearsal will be Thursday, 5/28. Students should report to the HMS (Central) Auditorium at 8:15am. The concert will be that night. Strings students should report to the Middle School Choir Room (across the hall from the auditorium) at 6:45. The concert is scheudled to begin at 7:30.


End of Year Testing will take place May 4th -6th. 3S will be testing in the morning on May 4 & 5. We will be testing in the afternoon on May 6. Please make every effort to have your child in school this week. Make-Up testing will occur May 7,8 and 11th.


Please order your yearbook online by May 15. Softcover is $22 and Hardcover is $30. There is also a FREE optional feature to personalize your child's yearbook. Please click on the link below for more information and to order your yearbook!

important Upcoming Dates

4/24 Student Characteristic Profile Due-See Information Below

4/28 Community Meeting 145 PM, APR

4/30 School Store, 1150 AM-1240 PM, APR

5/4-5/6 PARCC Grades 3-5

5/4-5/8 Teacher Appreciation Week

5/8 Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

5/8 Orchestra Rehearsal – Music Room, 7:40 to 8:30 a.m.

5/12 School Store, 1150 AM-1240 PM, APR

5/14 Interim Reports Posted on Genesis – Grades 1 thru 5 3:30 p.m.

5/15 Yearbook Order Deadline

5/15 Paver Promotion Dance Part 3 PM, Avondale Playground-See information in Mr. Bissinger's Eblast


Click here to order a yearbook and for more information about personalizing it for free!

Spotlight Student!

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The Sidewalks in Haddonfield Need To Be Fixed!

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By: Holly, Maddie, and George

This week in writing was scary, cool, and good for nature. The scary part was the writing test. We had 45 minutes to write our best narrative writing. Then edit and revise all in 45 minutes.We scored points on how well we did. The highest we could get 4 for every category. I think everyone was nervous but in the end it was not that bad. The good for nature part was the lorax project . We read the lorax then we went to the lorax website and pledged to help the environment We wrote a letter saying how we are already help the environment . And ways we can help the environment .We emailed the letters to the project and from now on we have to help protect the earth . That was our writing this week.

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Marvelous Math

By: Aliyah, Clare, and Luca

This week math was marvelous! In the beginning of the week we had a math test and timed test. On the test we were tested on area and perimeter. The area is the inside of the shape and the perimeter is the distance around the shape. Another skill we were tested on was parenthesis. We use parenthesis in math when there are three numbers and two numbers have parenthesis around them. You then add, multiply, subtract, or divide. We also learned about measuring in our new unit. We also learned about the metric system and US metric system. The metric s system is measured by kilometers, meters, and Celsius. The US metric system is measured by feet, miles, yard, and inches. Math was fantastic this week!

Writing Workshop

Earth Day Field Trip

By: Maya, Sophie, and AJ

Hey parents! We had a spectacular field trip to the Earth Day Fair this week. First, we got into groups then we met our chaperones. Then if was finally time for our LONG walk to the high school! When we got to the fair there was endless booths to see. For example, there was a booth about water and a booth about oil spoils.

Before we left for the fair, Ms. Salazar said, “at the end of the field trip we have to come back knowing three new facts. “ We all walked around the fair and got candy, cookies, and souvenirs. Some of the souvenirs were at the booths and they were bamboo necklaces and bracelets. When we were done at the fair we went to the park to have our lunch. Finally we walked back to the school. We had a great time at the Earth Day Fair!

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Super Social Studies

By Will and Matthew

This week in Social Studies we shared our Flat Stanley letters. We heard about Flat Matthew, Jack, and AJ. Flat AJ’s cousin live on a boat! Jack’s Flat Stanley went to a yacht and Matthew’s went to a densely populated community, New York.

We learned about what is important in a community. A community is special because it has everything: needs and wants.

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