Colonial Life

Learning How to Live

by: Alyvia Carmosino


Pulling your legs - Eric Ballwin. The colonist of colonial time.Today you will learn some facts about the good colonial life. Like the colonists do certain things on certain days. Also what they eat and drink and what kind of homes they lived in and what they looked like. The colonial homes were built in about two different ways between the rich and poor. Also the middle class. They ate either what they grew or what they shot. They drank what came from the farm animals and from the lake. On certain days they would do certain things. Like Sunday is church day and week days is school and work days. So now you know a little about there homes,food and daily day life.

Colonial Homes

Colonial Homes were built in two different ways between the poor and rich. The poor would live in a house dug outs made with what ever they could find. They had one room it was a small room. The middle class homes were built basicly the way the rich was but with less rooms. The middle class homes had one or two rooms. The rich would build there houses with clay and mud and sament blocks there houses have two three or sometime four rooms

Colonial daily life

On certian day they did certian things like Sunday was the lords day. On weekdays the men, girls and woman would work all day. On week days for boys it was there school day then they would come home and work. Also as we now all know Sunday was the lords day they went to church at the meeting house. That is the colonial life schedule.

Colonial Food

So what they ate was what they grew or shot mainly. Most of there food they ate was also made out of corn. If they had spare time the men and boys would go down to the bay or pond to get water and fish to eat and drink. They would also drink milk from there cows. They also had corn bread corn cake and food with corn. Thats How they got there food and drinks and what they ate.


So now you know about the colonial homes, food and daily day life. You know about there houses being one to three rooms. Also there food is baste on corn and milk. Also that sunday was the lords day they would go back and fourth from church and eating. Now maybe you can go online and find some fact on your own and go ahead and learn something.