Earth Day

what can we do to help

oceans:you can recycle cans that are thron on the ocean

a fact about the poulution in the ocean When large tracts of land are plowed, the exposed soil can erode during rainstorms. Much of this runoff flows to the sea, carrying with it agricultural fertilizers and pesticides.


Sky glow occurs from both natural and human-made sources. The natural component of sky glow has five sources: sunlight reflected off the moon and earth, faint air glow in the upper atmosphere (a permanent, low-grade aurora), sunlight reflected off interplanetary dust (zodiacal light), starlight scattered in the atmosphere, and background light from faint, unresolved stars and nebulae (celestial objects or diffuse masses of interstellar dust and gas that appear as hazy smudges of light)

rain forest:

Rainforests are forests which grow in areas of high rainfall. Tropical rainforests are found between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn and receive between 68”-78” (175-200 cm) of rainfall a year. Those nearest to the equator, where the climate is very hot and wet all through the year, are evergreen because the trees can grow all the time and so are always in leaf. They are found in South and Central America, Central Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia and the north eastern tip of Australia.


Indoor air pollution often makes the air inside homes more unhealthy to breathe than air outdoors.


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