Rosedale Restructuring

Our journey to serve the needs of all learners.

Learning Communities Identified

The staff worked together to identify descriptions of different types of learners who come to Rosedale Middle and High School. We identify the learning and social and emotional needs of these communities and continue best therapeutic and academic strategies to work with these students. Groups identified are the 1)Independent Learners (1%) 2)Leaders & Learners in Training (the majority) 3) "Boundaries" students.

Exploring Scheduling Options

Rosedale will continue to run a full day of institution for students. On top of our academics schedule will be an "overlay" of services and groups to support student needs. Students will receive different services based on the community which they have been identified. In the middle school, we hope to explore team teaching options to increase adult support and flexibility.

The "overlay" will be scheduled groups to support students' academic, social, and emotional needs.



Join the Conversation!

Join a group that you feel you can offer the most support to for restructuring. All ideas are on the table right now. Don't worry - join and contribute!

Keep the learning communities distinctions in your mind as you plan!

  • Point Sheet, Incentives, and Recognition - Monica/Karen
  • Independent Learner Support - Sara W.
  • Student Leadership Building (Alt. Student Council) - Dana
  • Data Collection Points - Gretchen
  • SPARC - Cecilia
  • AVID/Academic Skills Strategies Groups - Jenny / Erica
  • Community Support and Connections -?????
  • Social Support for Students - Therapeutic
  • Student/Staff Quarterly Excursions - Sarah & Rob
  • Code of Conduct/Discipline Documentation Flow & Record Keeping - Mr. Matthews
  • Lunch, Entrance, & Dismissal Distinctions
  • Staff Communication (How do we replace debriefing?) - ???
  • Career Options and Education - Mike & Sherri