French and Spanish in North America

French in Canada

French is one of Canada's two official language alone with English. French speakers comprise one fourth of the country's population. Many québécois favored total separation of the province from Canada as the the only way to preserve their cultural heritage. Although French dominates over English Quebec faces a fresh challenge of intergrading a large number of immigrants from Europe, Asia, and Latin America

Speaking Spanish in the US

Spanish speaking area are mostly populating in the US in the western part of the country. Because of the immigration in Mexico, Latin America, and Central America.

Creolized languages

A creole see language is defined as a language that results from the mixing of the colonizer a language with the indigenous language

A creolized language for,s when the colonized groups adopts the language of the dominant group but makes some change, such as simplifying the grammar or adding words.

A video of the languages going around Canada