Erasmus experience

From 25th to 29th of January

The Country of Colors

Hi! My name is Marta of 6B and I'm going to write about the Erasmus experience.

In my personal opinion the Erasmus experience was very very good. I had a lot of fun and I did some new friends. It was exciting.

Only two people of my class host some Erasmus mates (two italians and two turkish)

The first activity we did was the play of “The Country of Colors” I played in this activity and I was the color green. We did gimnastic things in the play. All the people clapped their hands at the end and there was a journalist of a TV programme!

The activities we did

I enjoyed all the activities like the cooperative activity in the school. It consist to say people that girls and boys, men and women, can do the same works. And of course the equality of both, that she or he can do the same works at home… I like this activity but the teacher of English of our school had to translate all that they said in Spanish to English because only some Erasmus friends speak a little of Spanish.

Some places we visited

I believe you had fun in this activities

The last activities

On Wednesday they went to a monument of Almería called Alcazaba but we didn't go because only 5· went. And in the afternoon they went to the Cabo de Gata.

On Thursday they ate a delicious Almeria´s rice that I couldn´t ate. I think the best activities were: Fort Bravo and Sorbas. I believe all the people were happy in this two activities. But we didn't had time to see the Karst of Yeso.

I really enjoyed this experience, I want to repeat it.