Science and Technology

New Inventions and Innovations

What is Science and Technology?

In light of the importance of science and technology (S&T) in the world today, there is a need for scholarly work on its social dimensions. The Department of Science & Technology Studies is dedicated to research and teaching about scientific knowledge and technology in its social context. In their research, faculty members examine S&T both in contemporary societies and through historical investigations.

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Health and Medicine

Curiosity can lead in many different directions, and for artist Marina Abramovic, the quest to sample the full range of human experience found her tripping out on ayahuasca in the forests of Brazil. “I felt like there was a bomb inside me,” she says, after willingly taking a second heavy dose.

Ultimately, a sense of calm clarity emerged, offering Abramovic the sort of inner awakening she had gone to Brazil to find. The journey is the subject of the new documentaryThe Space In Between, which premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival last weekend and is directed by Marco del Fiol. From traditional healers to a pantheistic compound and the medium / charlatan John of God, Abramovic sought spiritual sustenance wherever she could find it, jumping into the moment in the borderline reckless style that has marked her fascinating, varied career.