Help our enviroment and animals

Blue whales are endangered along with a lot of other animals

Blue Whales

Blue Whales are the bigest anilmals in the sea. They are even bigger than an elephant. Way bigger. They are also very nice. Can you imagine if they were extinct? I don't know about you, but to me, Blue Whales are the coolest animal on the face of the earth.

Saving Animals

A lot of people litter and leave trash laying around and they don't even care. When you try to shoot your paper towel into the trash can and miss, you should pick it up and make sure it ends up in the garbage. Most people think that it is okay and someone else will pick it up. But a lot of people think the same thing. So there is a lot more trash laying around than you think. Leaving trash on the ground can kill animals, like Blue Whales. And when animals die, we die. People only think about the present, not the future, when the present and future are important. So make sure to pick up not just your trash, but anyone elses that is laying around.