Whiteley Wildcat Update

August 23, 2019

It was another great week of learning and growing at Whiteley! The excitement throughout the building when the GaGa Pit was installed was something to behold. Our students have really enjoyed having this additional game on our playground for recess. Within the next few months we hope to add a few more games on the blacktop for our students. A few games they can look forward to are: hopscotch and four square.

Arrival/Departure Procedures

There seems to still be some confusion with our car pick-up line after school. We really need the support of all of our families so that this process is efficient and safe. Here are a few guidelines we would like you to follow:

  • · Please pull your car all the way forward to allow for other cars to pull behind you.
  • · When a staff member waves for you to pull up please follow the direction from the staff member.
  • · Have your purple name card present so staff can assist students in finding your car.
  • · Please remain in your car while in the pick-up line.
  • · Be ready to receive your child by having doors unlocked so minimal time is lost while you pick up your child.
  • · Once your child is safely in your car please drive away so others can enter the line.
  • · Do not go around cars to pick-up your child and wait in the line.
  • · We ask that you not park in the lot and have students cross the lot to enter your car

Lastly, we have been informed that our families are doubling up waiting when on Westbury. The police have shared this is not only a traffic violation but becomes a safety concern if a fire truck or ambulance would need to use this road. The police will be monitoring the street closely and if needed will begin ticketing


We are excited to share that our specials teachers (art, music and physical education) have created their own Facebook page. They are will be sharing information about their classes and giving updates through posts and photos. You can access their Facebook page by clicking on this link.


Membership forms for our PTA are ready and were sent home. Our PTA provides many great programs for our school. Please consider becoming a member of PTA.


One of primary goals at Whiteley and within the district is to ensure your child’s safety. Throughout the year, your child will participate in a variety of drills. These drills allow us to practice the necessary skills with students so they are aware of what action to take if necessary. Some of the drills that your child will participate in are: fire/evacuation drills, hard-lock down drills, soft lock-down drills, and severe weather drills. These are spread out throughout the year.


We have noticed that families have brought dogs to school to drop-off and pick-up their children. We love dogs and realize that they are part of the family. We ask that while students are present please do not bring your dogs on school grounds.

Reminder from Our Nurse

If your child is new to our school district, in kindergarten, or is in sixth grade please be sure to provide and updated physical. Students will also need to have the age appropriate immunizations. You can find the necessary forms and the requirements for physicals on our district page by following this link.

Upcoming Events

September 2nd-Labor Day – No School

September 10th-Picture Day