Renewable Resources

Utilizing Book Creator

Amanda Foster

5th Grade Science

Assessing Knowledge of Renewable Resources

After several lessons on Earth's renewable resources, students show their understanding using the app Book Creator.
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TEKS 2.7 C, 3.7 C, 4.7 C, 5.7 C

Lesson Ideas for Introducing Renewable Resources

Assess prior Knowledge and begin to Explore Renewable Resources
  • Make a K-W-L Chart for Renewable Resources - this will activate prior knowledge
  • Watch Safari Montage: Green Energy
    • Watch BrainPops: Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Biofuels and Natural Resources
    • After each video, discuss the definition of the resource, what the resource is used for, and the pros and cons of each resource
    • Fill in K-W-L Chart as students learn more

    Further Knowledge of Renewable Resources

    • Students will, with a partner, research each Renewable Resource (Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, and Biofuels) using the Renewable Resources packet
    • Make a foldable for Science Notebooks - you can use a tabbed foldable or a flip book

    Assessment of Knowledge after Unit

    • Students create a book using Book Creator app

    Book Creator Requirements Check List

    __________ Cover Page with title, picture and author

    For each Renewable Resource (Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Biofuels) – 1 page for each resource

    __________ Picture representing the resource

    __________ Definition of the resource

    __________ Description of how resource can be used

    __________ 2 pros of using the resource

    __________ 2 cons of using the resource

    __________ Final Page: Answer the following question using your knowledge of renewable resources.

    Should we work towards using more renewable resources?

    Why or why not?