The 3C Herald

September 16, 2016

Abuzz with Excitement!

Our first two weeks back have been jam-packed with both activities and academics. Each morning, we start with a warm greeting and an activity before reviewing the calendar and schedule. We have been engaging in a variety of getting-to-know-you activities, which helps us build our classroom community. In 3C this year, we are focusing on "gratitude," a theme familiar to many friends from last year. We have begun keeping daily gratitude journals, an activity which allows us to spend time each day acknowledging the things we are thankful for. It is amazing to see our future leaders engaging in such deep and reflective thought. Together we created our class rules, which many students have identified as the highlight of their first full week.

While third grade does not have music this year, we were so excited to welcome Mr. Kramer, the new music teacher, into our classroom to help teach us the school song. He brought his ukulele along with him, and boy did 3C sound good!

Important Dates

Tuesday 10/4 - Back to School Night (Second & Third Grade)

Monday 10/10 - Columbus Day - No School

Tuesday 10/11 - Professional Development Day - No School

Important Dismissal Information

Please ​take a few minutes to provide us with the details of your student's weekly dismissal arrangements for this trimester using our Student Dismissal Routine Form

Effective, Monday, September 19th, we will use the responses from this form to ensure the safe and proper dismissal of our students.

If there is ANY change to your student's dismissal, you must inform BPCS via our Change in Dismissal Request Form by 12:00 pm on the date of the change, no exceptions.

Loving Our First Weeks in 3C

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Read, Baby, Read!

What a wonderful start we have had to reading so far in 3C! We kicked the year off by making a plan for how to make reading "the best it can be" this year by building a "reading life." All of our readers thought of one plan they could put into action right away: perhaps it was choosing a "reading spot" to curl up in with a book every night, perhaps it was making it a goal to diversify the genres of books read, or maybe it was setting out to add five minutes to their reading time each week to increase their reading stamina. We talked about reading "as if books are gold," and all had the chance to practice reading first like curmudgeons, and second with enthusiasm. After comparing the two reading experiences, our students learned that not only can the way we read make reading more enjoyable, but it can also open us up to understanding book characters more deeply, allowing us to talk, think, and feel the way they do, ultimately improving our comprehension of the text. And lastly, we discussed ways to regularly reflect upon our reading practice by keeping reading logs and looking over them to identify patterns and habits in our reading. Through regular reflection, we can set even more reading goals and put those plans into action! It was so exciting to see all of our readers pouring over the pages of their books during these first two weeks of third grade. We can't wait to see how they grow in reading this year!
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Spotlight on Writing

The 3rd graders rang in the new year of Writer's Workshop with pretend confetti and horns, jumping, and shouting "Happy New Year!" The excitement was evident as the students engaged in creating writing resolutions for 3rd grade. In order to gain inspiration, writers listened to exemplar narratives written by 3rd graders and discussed what they noticed about 3rd grade writing and how it was different from 2nd grade writing. Writers shared that 3rd grade narrative writing included more sentences, paragraphs, diverse punctuation, feelings, conversation, and specific details. Then the writers wrote three goals that they would commit to for the year. Towards the end of the week, writers learned how to brainstorm prior to writing a story by thinking of a person that matters to them and making a list of small moments they had with that person. Writers also learned to be patient as they waited and allowed their ideas naturally flow to their brains. As the writers receive their 3rd grade writer's notebooks next week, we will challenge them to put their new year's resolutions into action! We are excited to see their notebooks fill up with all kinds of small moments from their lives!
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Mathematicians on a Mission

Our 3rd grade mathematicians came in hungry for multiplication, and in our first full week of school we served up a factor platter! Though many students expressed a desire to get right into memorizing multiplication facts, we spent this week building a conceptual understanding of multiplication, focusing specifically on real world situations involving equal groups. Students represented equal groups situations as drawings, arrays, repeated addition number sentences, and multiplication equations. Connecting the different representations, students discovered that in multiplication situations, we know the number of groups, the amount in each group, and we are looking to find the total. Students also learned that a multiplication equation is made up of at least two factors (the numbers being multiplied) that equal to a product (the total). In each class, we decided that context matters! Though 2 x 3 and 3 x 2 might give us the same product, when we think about what the numbers represent, the equations tell us two different stories. In the next few meetings we will continue our exploration of multiplication and introduce division as well. On a final note, we discussed that being a mathematician isn't something you are or are not innately, but something that you grow into over time with practice, patience, and perseverance. We are looking forward to multiplying our knowledge in math this year!

A Homework Note from Mr. Saunders

Dear 3rd Grade Families,

Students will start to receive homework this Monday from all three core subject areas: Math, Reading and Writing. It is important that students view homework as an important part of their learning and place value on completing the assignments. Please see the bullets below with details.

  • Your student will have a homework folder that is sent home on Monday. The folder will include the assignments for all three classes. Please note we are not planning to use a packet format as was done in 2nd grade.
  • Completed work is due back the following Monday, unless noted otherwise on the assignments.
  • Homework will be reviewed in class and may or may not be graded. Homework will be returned to children and home as deemed appropriate.
  • We will be including some more difficult problems in the assignments as was done last year. Please note that these assignments will be rotated between the three classes and designated with a star. We encourage families to have students attempt to solve/answer these problems.
  • If a student does not complete the homework (excluding the starred task) they will be expected to attend Homework Help in the ASP to complete the exercise. This will mean that they miss parts of their enrichment time/robotics during the week. If your student does not regularly attend ASP, but is not completing the homework, we will ask that you support them by signing them up for Homework Help once a week.