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Cloud Hosted Servers: Its Convenience and the Two Types

In any line of work, you will always have that strong foundation which allows you to make your business stand. The electronics industry has the chips and the medical industry has the health of different individuals. The internet on the other hand has servers. This allows webmasters to keep their websites running and give their guests different services.

In this regard, cloud hosted servers are one of the most recent development in this aspect.

Cloud hosted servers are websites which uses a virtual space that. However, unlike the usual method of using servers, this kind allows website owners to rent the space. Technically, it is theirs for a limited amount of time, though if you pay monthly, it may be technically yours.

This kind of hosting has two kinds – dedicated and shared. A shared cloud hosted server, as its name suggest is all about sharing a particular server with other webmasters who has rented the same space. Though the possibility of numerous users is high, the ideal number of individuals sharing the same server is two. This is the number that will give you the best of its feature while making sure that you spend only the minimum. If there are too many users of the same server, the possibility of the speed slowing down is high.

The second kind is the dedicated server. This is the type where you buy an entire server all to yourself. Meaning, you will truly have all the benefits and optimize on its features as much as possible. There is no possibility of the system lagging since you do not have anyone else to share it with.

Having cloud hosted servers has been the trend since its conception. Aside from its cheapness, this may also be due to the conveniences that it is able to provide. One of which has been beneficial to several business enterprise.

It is known that online businesses needs to have the same applications and tools in every computer that they own. This keeps all of its employees on level ground – no biases and whatnot. However, this also means that you need to purchase a license for every computer, which makes it very costly. Cloud hosted servers have a set of applications which is already made available for the company. Once you pay them for it, they automatically install it to every computer that uses the same server. In short, you pay multiple licenses for the price of one. This is both convenient for the company and the owner’s pockets.

In addition, cloud hosted servers’ main advantage is the amount of data that it is able to store. This has always been the main advantage of a server which is being powered by cloud. With its help you can store as much as you want, and for a fair price, you will be able to expand and store even media files which may come handy in the future.

Cloud hosted servers are the next best thing in the internet. It has been considered as a breakthrough, and if played right, its benefits may even outweigh its drawbacks.

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